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Forex Sentiment Data Overview, it's Application in Algo trading, and Free Sample Data

From Commitment of Traders (COT) to the Daily Sentiment Index (DSI), to the Put/Call ratio and more, sentiment data has long been highly sought after by both professional and retail traders in the mission to get an edge in the market. Equity and futures traders can access this market data relatively easily due to the centralization of the market they are trading.

But what about Forex traders? There is no single centralized exchange for the Foreign Exchange market therefore sentiment data is difficult to obtain and can be extremely pricey for Forex traders. Furthermore, if a trader had access to such data, the sample set may be limited and not closely reflect the actual market.

In order for Forex sentiment data to be valuable, the data must be derived from a large, far reaching sample of Forex traders. FXCM boasts important Forex trading volumes and a significant trader sample and the broker’s large sample size is one of the most representative samples of the entire retail Forex market. Therefore, the data can be used to help predict movement of the rate of an instrument in the overall market.

This sentiment data shows the retail trader positioning and is derived from the buyer-to-seller ratio among retail FXCM traders. At a glance, you can see historical and current trader positioning in the market. A positive ratio indicates there are more traders that are long for every trader that is short. A negative ratio is indicative of a higher number of traders that are short for every long trader. For example, a ratio of 2.5 would mean that there are 2.5 traders that are long for every short trader and -2.5 would mean just the opposite.

When it comes to algo trading, sentiment can be used as a contrarian indicator to help predict potential moves and locate trading opportunities. When there is an extreme ratio or net volume reading, the majority of traders are either long or short a specific instrument. It is expected that the traders who are currently in these positions will eventually close out therefore bring the ratio back to neutral. Consequently, there tends to be a sharp price movement or a reversal.

When extremes like this are present in the market, a mean reversion automated strategy can be implemented to take advantage of the moves in the market that are expected to ensue. If sentiment is skewed very high or very low, price is moving away from the mean. However, over time it is expected to regress back to the mean resulting in a more neutral reading. Neutral would be considered a number close to 1.0 or -1.0. It is recommended that a confirmation indicator or two be coded into the mean reversion strategy as well.

Free one-month sample of the historical Sentiment Data can be accessed by pasting this link in your browser{instrument}.csv.gz and changing the {instrument}: to the pair or CFD you would like to download data for. For example, for USD/JPY data download you would use this link:
When the file downloads, it will be a GNU zip compressed file so you will need to use a decompression utility to open it. To open the file with 7zip, open the downloads folder, click on your file, and click ‘copy path’. Then open 7Zip and paste your clipboard into the address bar and click enter. Then click the ‘extract’ button. This will open a window where you can designate a destination to copy your new csv file. Click OK, and navigate back to your file explorer to see your csv file.
You can find more details about the sentiment data by checking out FXCM’s Github page:
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